Commission Prices

Let's do different.    

I'll never try to pass off a sloppy chicken scratch drawing because I need fast cash to pay my bills.


My artwork is about quality over speed.

Which would explain why my completion time can range from 2 weeks to 2 months, so please be patient with me.

However, please keep in mind I own the rights of the artwork on any commission and related art produced.

If you wish to buy the rights to the image in addition to your commissioned artwork, please contact me.

To request a commission or if you have questions, you can email me at

If email isn't your thing, you can find me on social Facebook

NEW in 2022 - Digital Blank Sketch Cover

         Have your blank variant cover now digitally drawn $200

Digital Art Commission   

Color 11 x 14: $300+

Prices subject to change when adding the following 

additional characters $100/character

Background scene $50

All Digital Art Commissions come with a certificate of

authenticity which is embossed with my seal and signed.

Cover Art Commission start at $350 +/-

(artwork for publishing companies, including self published books)

Estimates are available upon request.

*Price on covert art are subject to change pending license use, size and publisher.

Thor finished colors 11x14 LR.jpg