Commission Prices

I pride myself on being fair with my prices and to help provide everyone the opportunity to own a piece of my artwork.  I'll never try to pass off a sloppy chicken scratch drawing because I need your money to pay my cell phone bill. However, please keep in mind I own the rights of the artwork on any commission and related art produced.

If you wish to buy the rights to the image in addition to your commissioned artwork, please contact me.

My artwork is about quality over speed. Which would explain why my completion time can range from 2 weeks to 2 months, so please be patient with me.

To request a commission or if you have questions, you can email me at

If email isn't your thing, you can find me on social Facebook

Post-it Note Art  $30 +/-

(comes with a protected acrylic cover ) 

Blank Variant Sketch Cover $75

Digital Art Commission   

B&W      5 x 7: $100    11 x 14: $200

COLOR  5 x 7: $200    11 x 14: $300

All Digital Art Commissions come assigned with a

toddentification number and a certificate of authenticity

which is embossed with my seal and signed. To ensure 

your commission is the first of its kind an identifier is

discretely integrated into the work.

Cover Art Commission start at $350 +/-

(artwork for publishing companies, including self published books)

Estimates are available upon request.

*Price on covert art are subject to change pending license use, size and publisher.

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